I'm an animator from Perth, Australia and part of High 5 Toons.

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Perth, Western Australia

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Been a while since I've made a post so for those who care this is a little update on what's been happening. Spent most of January working in a small studio in Perth, hadn't had the oppurtunity to do so before so thought I'd give it a shot. It was pretty fun despite the subject matter being an animated occupational work and safety thing, the money and friendly folks there were a great incentive to do some good work. It was more tween based animation which was a bit challenging, but I was pretty happy with what came out of it, and so were the clients. Since then I've been fluctuating in productivity. I've pretty much finished up the 'how to break the universe' animation I started for NATA, but have been waiting til we complete the accompanying song to release that one, hopefully not too much longer. Have made some merch and stuff we're selling on rodeo arcade - LINK - and recently have been working on the sequel to Pikachu on Acid. The butterfly NATA animation will be put on hold for a while. I've found the best method for solid work is by livestreaming so I'll be doing that more in the future.

Coming up Tyson and I are going on an American adventure. Will be there from about mid April to August, starting and ending in LA. Not sure exactly where in between but most likely will train to the east coast and check out canada as well. We'll also be at San diego comic-con. That just about covers everything, cheers sugarbabes.

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