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NATA and future projects

Posted by coughing-dog - September 17th, 2012

Well, for me NATA is over. Grats to emrox who obliterated me, it has been a backbreaking 5 or so months so its actually quite a relief to be free of it all. Thanks to Adam, Newgrounds and the judges for organising the whole thing, and to all the animators that made it a fun, competitive experience. And best of luck to the two finalists!

Next up for me is finishing my unfinished NATA entries, firstly my most recent entry, a sort of 2001: a space odyssey homage. Then probably will start on a Pikachu on Acid follow-up.

Lastly, I'd just like to plug my band, The Sizlacks. Both me and my high5toons partner Tyson are band members so you will be seeing quite a bit of our music in the future. We recently uploaded a new song to our Youtube - Deeper. We also have a band account here on newgrounds - http://thesizlacks.newgrounds.com/ so feel free to subscribe and/or follow us on those accounts.

That's all! Ttyl babs


Thanks for participating in NATA, you were one of my favorites throughout and I really thought you might win it. Have any suggestions for next year? It seems like longer deadlines could help BUT that just means everyone would get tied up longer and would probably set even bigger scopes. Good luck finishing the unfinished stuff, looking forward to seeing the complete version of your last entry.

Maybe not longer deadlines but just fewer rounds. Someone suggested having matchups of 3 or 4 instead of 2. And thaanks, hopefully will get it finished within a couple weeks :)

I'm against longer deadlines. One of the things i didnt like in terms of considerating joining any Nata is the looooong commitment it potentially is. I think the time aspect of it forces you to try new things and get better or more resourceful. But yeah other than that, I echo with what Tom said. I like these Nata things in that youre able to really follow up and coming talent. Or maybe not even up and coming, maybe they were always there but never crossed my radar.

Also really liking your bands stuff its good working music.

Cheers! And yeah, NATA is a huge commitment, I mostly signed up for the deadlines that it imposed even though I struggled to keep up with them. Was a cool way to meet some other animators too.

Holy crap dude, remind me to drop acid next time I listen to your music to get the fullest out of it.