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Nice one, you didn't happen to see my animation Robot Dancers perchance? The v.1.0 robots are eerily similar, it caught my eye seeing this on the front page. Either way, I liked it! Keep going :)

PsychoSpider responds:

No I didn't see Robot Dancers until you mentioned it. You're right, the similarities are striking. I'm glad you liked my animation anyway. :)

Hey man great job! Cool to see how much you've improved just this year, keep it up!

Brewster responds:

Aw thanks Sam! It feels great to hear that, coming from you.

Great work man. Interesting story, nice character designs, the animation was quite reserved but suited the mood of the piece and looked great. And I really like the use of lighting. Awesome stuff bro.

Nice one man! Liked the blood animation, shots were all nicely composed and groovy track too!

I love your movies man, so glad you're bringing them to newgrounds now!

Hey man, great job on this, for such a huge project the animation was good throughout. Your fbf is really nice, great lip-sync, effects and character animation. Story and jokes were good, voices and music all suited nicely. My only main critique is that I'd like to see the main 3 characters fleshed out a bit more, hopefully in future eps. Anyway, grats on finishing such a big project and keep em coming!

Alpha-Nuva responds:

the characters really are one-dimensional. we got the same criticism last episode. i guess we'll focus on that for the next episode. thanks.

Your animation is indeed very smooth and pretty looking. I really appreciated the frame by frame on the goldeen, considering the level of detail. The change in pace also really worked well, thought the punch line was a bit lacking but gave me a slight chuckle. Great voicework, all the characters sound great, and brocks lines were pretty funny. Overall, great work, I can see you going very far.

PS I'm working on my own pokemon animation, another one on the pile I guess

Love all the frames boogs, all of them! The guy on the right wins for having crazy backwards knees.

TheBoogley responds:

indeeeeeed. he is such an idiot...

Your animation looks real nice, especially the character movements. I like how he casually twirled into his seat. I felt the punch line was lacking though, maybe it was partly because of that terribly overused wtf sound clip and the lip sync that didn't match up. Maybe the end could have been a joke relating to what he was downloading? Voice acting was good but what do you expect from ricepirate.

Good job and I look forward to seeing more from you :)


But seriously, fuck all these reviews, this is classic spazkid. Funny and disgusting as always, with some lovely character animation. Great job to all invloved!

I'm an animator from Perth, Australia and part of High 5 Toons.

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