I'm an animator from Perth, Australia and part of High 5 Toons.

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coughing-dog's News

Posted by coughing-dog - May 11th, 2012

Posted by coughing-dog - April 28th, 2012

Happy Pico Day! Check out Pico's 420, featuring Pico during his rebellious teen years.

In other news I made a pokemon cartoon I should be releasing shortly, just waiting on some youtube hooha.
And I'm going to attempt to enter NATA, with just over a week left and I havn't started, wish me luck!

That's all, Bye!

Pico Day Toon + other stuff

Posted by coughing-dog - February 25th, 2012

Hello again newgrounds. So, thanks to everyone for the nice responses to Moisture Care, was awesome to get daily first, weekly third and the big ol featured box for a while! I'm working very hard on a new cartoon atm so hopefully you can expect to see it in the portal mid march, its quite a big project but I'm trying to up my game a bit.

I'm considering doing a livestream of me animating so let me know if thats something you'd be interested in because otherwise I won't be assed. Also follow me on twitter to see snippets of the animation and what kind of cereal I'm eating.

Anyway, thats all for now.



Here's sneak peek :3

A quick update.

Posted by coughing-dog - February 2nd, 2012

Yo, my new animation Moisture Care is fresh in the portal - GO VOTE 5!

thanks <3

New Toon - Moisture Care

Posted by coughing-dog - January 20th, 2012

Hey newgrounds, don't know if you noticed but there's a mario animation on the front page that might be worth checking out... BAM! I started it back in sept 2011 so its nice to have it done and FINALLY I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE! Thanks for the positive reviews so far! Among other things my new years resolution is to animate more so hopefully you can expect to see more from me and high5toons shortly.

I might try livestreaming in the near future if anyone is interested in watching me animate. I'll post when on my twitter. You can also like high5toons on facebook but only if you want to. Also, subscribe to us on youtube if you havn't already. And this is a stretch but you can buy t-shirts I've designed from lavawolf. Aaand that's enough shameless self-promotion.

Lastly, here's a sneak peek from the upcoming animation - shwing

fuck this zoo

Mario's Date

Posted by coughing-dog - December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas Newgrounds, I've made a new cartoon in the spirit of the season. Also if you still havn't got your fill of dragon ball z parodies check these out, floop, doop. If you're a youtuber you can subscribe to mine and tyson's animations here.

okay byeee

Merry Christmas + new cartoons

Posted by coughing-dog - August 25th, 2011

Hi newgrounders, so recently I've been quite busy pumping out cartoons for High 5 Toons, which is made up of myself and Tyson Meaney. Recently I released Bongo Instant Beard after having it sit around in my WIP folder for quite some time, so its nice to see people have taken a liking to it. I also recently made Weed Kills, a play on anti-weed ads. It didn't get much attention due to some dick spamming 0s on it so his spam could win 1st place, so please go show it some love. Tyson also recently finished off Anal Adventures, its short but worth a look. I'm currently working on another longer animation that should hopefully be done by the end of the month so keep an eye out.

Lastly I'd just like to say CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Its got all the animations from me and Tyson in one handy place, so if you're a youtube frequenter please subscribe :) And you can also check our our shitty website for comics made by us as well.

Thats about it,

Instant Beard + Youtube!

Posted by coughing-dog - July 10th, 2011

Happy Robot Day everyone, check out Robodog.


Posted by coughing-dog - May 5th, 2011

Doesn't mean much in Australia though (legal drinking age being 18 and all).

So I made a Pico day submission recently, only had about 4 days to work on it so I'm pleased with the result, and thanks for all the reviews :)

I'll probably be entering Tofa as well so keep an eye out for my submission ;)

Not much else to say... here's a picture I drew.

K bye :)

21 today!

Posted by coughing-dog - December 9th, 2010

Sam + animation = Samimation

I spent a while putting this together so please check it out :) Its got some stuff I dont have here on NG as well.

My upcoming animations are moving along nicely but slowly, but you should all see some new stuff soon.

thats all
- Sam