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coughing-dog's News

Posted by coughing-dog - November 11th, 2010

Well, I've finished my crummy university course and now I enter the real world. I just uploaded a new animation juicy. I know its a bit short but lemme know watchu think. I've got a lot of plans for future animations so you havn't seen the last of me. Currently I'm preparing for my uni exhibition - showreel, business card, website, etc... you can see a draft of my showreel here.

well thats all for now...
- sam


Posted by coughing-dog - August 2nd, 2010

Its been a while since I made a post so here goes.

Hey party people, I've just started my final semester of uni and its off to a good start. Unfortunately I didn't have much to show for the last 6 months cept for a few new arts. I made a Robot Day cartoon, it didn't win anything but was fun to make nontheless. I did actually do quite a bit of animating over the last semester but the final product didn't really get finished and it was never going to get submitted here anyway, but for those of you interested I've made a little reel of my animated input in the project - Linkity link link linkeroo The whole thing was a sorta ad to encourage people to do sport and recreation in the community, I worked on it with Luis, Bec and Tyson.

With some luck I should have something pretty decent coming out in 12 weeks time, and something else coming out pretty soon (I hope).

You can follow me on twitter, I'll try to use it more I swear...

Ok thats it


Posted by coughing-dog - November 6th, 2009

Hey. Firstly thanks for the positive responses to this My first animation on the front page so thats nice. I'm almost done with uni for the year, just got one more assignment, a group animation project on the ningaloo reef. I'll post a link to it once its done and on the net.

I don't have any future projects yet but I'm looking out for artists wanting a music video. I don't expect to be paid (unless you want to) so shoot me a PM if you're a musician and I'll have a look-see.

Speaking of music videos, I just completed one for my ftv unit at uni. Its for my mate's band The Raw Electrics and its called 'Can't Help It'. Link!!!
It was really fun to make and the bands great so keep an eye for them in the future. It may also interest you to know the lead singer made tomato, tomato so if u didnt see it before, watch it now!

Forgive me if you're sick of this but you have to watch You Cried Me. Its simply amazing, and be sure to check out Tom's other stuff on his vimeo account and website - especially 'kid show'.

Thats about all for now. If u want u can follow me on twitter. heres a screenie from the music video :)

- sam

Pants Off

Posted by coughing-dog - September 12th, 2009

Hello all,

I'm currently looking for Perth or Western Australian bands or musicians who would like a music video. I am a second year student at Curtin University majoring in Multimedia design and minoring in Film and Television. My assignment at the moment is to pitch a music video to the class and I then have to the chance to make it depending on how my idea is recieved. In saying this I cant assure you the music video will be made however I still encourage everyone to give me a taste of your music whether you want to send me a mp3, wav or link me to your myspace or even something on newgrounds as I am a great fan of making music videos and even if urs isnt made this time, it may be made in the future. I will be filming on high quality equipment and possibly combining film with animation. unfortunately I cant give you an example of my past film work.

Onto other news, Im currently working on another music oriented flash set to be finished in a couple of month (hopefully). This ones gunna be much better than anything ive made so far :D

thats about it, i will be truly surprised if their are any Perth musicians on this site but i thought it would be worth a try :3

thanks for listening (reading)

Attention Perth Musicians

Posted by coughing-dog - December 9th, 2008

My new animation is out!!!!!

'Love Song' - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Its also my entry to the xmas collection

watch, rate ,review o gosh darn gee whiz im so pumped rite now.

Santa Sings!

Posted by coughing-dog - November 4th, 2008

well my uni year is over, and now i have a 4 month holiday...woo. Its been a great year though, i couldnt ask for a better course, and I'd like to think I've gotten better at animation. Hopefully ill be able to create some animations this hols, ive got a few things in mind and maybe even a collab. so i just uploaded Kid A, just one of the many assignments I've done the last 2 semesters. I was thinking of putting some of the others on here but I'm just not sure if they would be recieved well. Hmm thats something to think about.

Im guessing the only reason someone would read this is if theyve just watched Kid A, but if u havnt seen it go check it out if you want to feel sad for some reason. Truth be told i feel nothing from this animation, like im missing a soul or something. O yes and thats a screenshot below. In case theres anything you don't get in Kid A, and i understand completely if there is (perhaps not the strongest story teller) feel free to ask. A few things tho. The world had been left in turmoil and humanity's only hope of survival is through human cloning. After much research and experiments, Kid A, the first human clone, is produced (an homage to Thom Yorke). Kid A is highly unstable though, and many of its bodily function must be controlled by machines. The fascility also contains thousands of cameras to monitor Kid A in every way (the little robots and B.E.A.R. also acts as cameras). The stick animation part is like a projection of Kid A's thoughts, the white stick figure being himself. The zaps of electricity signify the pain caused by the electrodes. B.E.A.R. is a new technology thats been built to interact with Kid A, using A.I.. B.E.A.R. has an instant connection to Kid A, and when the camera robots (who really pose no threat) appear, B.E.A.R. instinctivly removes them. However after watching the projection B.E.A.R. unplugs Kid A to end his suffering, short circuiting himself in the process. The next part is weird, Kid A, as an adult, meets with B.E.A.R. in 'heaven'. Yes i know hes a robot but who could prove me wrong. Together they walk and B.E.A.R. sees the earth, decaying and dying. I guess there are a few themes that resonate within the video - human cloning, extinction, technology, and gloabal conservation. I hope this answers some question for you. I think i could have had a stronger backstory, with the world ending and all. Lets just say a series of unnatural disasters were the cause. If ive left something out just ask me, chances are its a massive plot hole :P.

Thanks for voting guys, and for the radiohead collection :D:D:D.


Posted by coughing-dog - August 30th, 2007

Hi friends, today I thought what the hell I'll do a post on Newgrounds that noone will read instead of my 1500 word art essay due tomorrow *sigh*. Well, I'm working on a new animation, definitly my best so far, called Kill Fuzzy. It's gunna be big, voice acting, sound fx, music and plenty of smooth 24fps action. It may be a while before its done and I'm thinkin of staring another animation, a shorter one to give me a break. Meanwhile, I've got TEE exams looming closer and a hell of a lot of homework. I'm looking forward to school leavers and Uni where hopefully I'll do Multimedia design, which is heavy with web page design, game design and most importantly, animation! Now this new animation is quite complex and has a deep storyline, which I'd like to keep secret. I just hope I can make it easy to understand. I'm hoping to make a sequel to The Muncher and Killer Pigeon as they were quite...popular. Umm well I'll post anything I think of later but in the mean time I've got work to do. Peace out! O and if you read this drop me a line as I'm incredibly lonely :D.